Swimming Fitness Routines

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Swimming Fitness Routines

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When the regular cardiovascular fitness and weight training is getting a little run of the mill it is important to find ways to switch up the routine before it gets boring. A classic exercise that is often overlooked is swimming. This is an extremely low impact exercise that gives great results in the shape of the human physique. In addition, swimming is a great work out for a person at any fitness level. Whether you are just beginning or you are already fit and toned, swimming is a great start or addition to any work out routine.

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Swimming does not mean water play so when you visit your favorite swimming hole it is important to have a plan. There are a variety of water work outs so be prepared to use the internet to do some research, visit a couple of water fitness classes and decide on a routine that works for you and your fitness levels.

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Gone are the days of plump old ladies wearing swimming caps and doing movements that belong in a synchronized swimming routine. Bodies like that of Dara Torres and Michael Phelps are evidence of the hard work and dedication that swimmers put in to keep their bodies strong and lean.

Great Swimming Activities Great Swimming Activities

Long used as rehabilitation methods for injured patients, swimming is a virtually zero impact fitness option for all body types, sizes and fitness levels. Not having any stress on the knees, ankles and other major joints makes swimming ideal for someone who is obese, has some pre-existing health concerns or is new to fitness. In addition to this great benefit, swimming works all of the major muscle groups at once. Legs, arms, back, chest, hips and glutes are all working simultaneously to keep you afloat. If you have a strain or ache somewhere from your normal routine, swimming can be an alternative while that area heals.

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Some reports state that water has up to twelve times the resistance of air which provides a great platform for muscle toning and strengthening. There have also been reports stating that swimming is not good for weight loss, ideas that the water is cool and does not allow you to sweat are what fuel some of these reports. However, the heart and the lungs are engaged in swimming and can give just as much cardiovascular activity as a slow jog. Beware though that swimming in cooler water can make one quite hungry so be sure to replenish that energy with plenty of healthy foods and try not to pile back on the calories burned in a swimming session.

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Whether it is going to be the backstroke, breaststroke, dolphin kicks or turbo kicks. Swimming is great way to burn calories, increase strength, flexibility and range of motion. During warmer months it may be hard to get a lane at a community pool so it may be worth it go purchase a membership to your local gym or swim center. Get in the water and move, don’t stop until the rate of breathing increases and muscles feel tired. If you find that you enjoy the routine and the benefits of swimming, start setting goals for yourself. Beat your best time in finishing a mile in the water, join a swimming club or find water fitness events to participate in. There are so many options with this great fitness activity so take advantage and have fun.

Great Swimming Activities Great Swimming Activities

Great swimming activities can include water workouts for fitness or games for fun.  Great swimming activities or fitness can be carried out individually or in a group.  Great swimming activities for fitness such as water workouts can be purchased online.


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