Great Swimming Activities To Make Pool Time Fun!

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Great swimming activities are a fun way to pass time in the pool.  The following list will have them roaring with excitement and joy:


  1. Water Polo – each team endeavors to get a goal in goals at the end of the pool.


  1. Sharks and Minnows the shark is on one side while the minnows are on the other. It is the sharks’ goal to tag a minnow who then replaces the shark. Swimmers can get out of the pool and jump back in so it is best played in the deep in.

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  1. Marco Polo – you choose who’s in, they close their eyes and yell “Marco” the rest of the swimmers yell “Polo” and scatter to avoid being caught. Once caught they are in.


  1. Capture the Change – toss a few coins into the pool and let the swimmers dive to collect.

Great Swimming Activities watermelon ball

  1. Greased Watermelon Football – throw a greased watermelon into the pool with the winner being the first swimmer to get it to the side of the pool. This can also be turned into a relay race.


  1. Submarine Racesswimmers hold their breath and see you can swim the longest underwater.


  1. Invisi-Bottle – fill clear plastic bottles with pool water and scatter throughout the pool. Swimmers collect and the one with the most wins.

Great Swimming Activities floaty pong game

  1. Noodle Jousting – each swimmer is on a pool float and battle to hit their opponent of the float using a pool noodle.


  1. Ping Pong – write numbers on the balls and throw them into the pool. Once the swimmers have gathered all the balls the winner is the one with the highest totaled number.

Great Swimming Activities knock out pool toy

  1.  Popsicle – one person is it and tries to tag the other swimmers. The swimmers can’t be tagged if totally submerged. Once a swimmer is tagged they stand frozen like a popsicle with their hands straight in the air.  Other swimmers can thaw them by swimming between their legs.  It should be changed at regular intervals.


  1.  Canon Ball – the winner is the swimmer who makes the greatest splash by jumping into the pool with their body curled into a ball.

Great Swimming Activities golf pool toy

  1. Octopus – one swimmer is named it and it is their job to tag other swimmers as they try to cross the pool. Once another swimmer is tagged they join it in the middle of the pool and join hands to create the octopus. Each player once tagged joins the octopus until only one swimmer is left then the game is restarted.


  1. Atomic whirlpoolswimmers form a single line behind each other and start out by walking gradually in a circle working up into a jog until a whirlpool is created where swimmers can float in a circular direction.

Great Swimming Activities fish dive sticks

  1. Piratesswimmers divide into two teams at either end of the pool. An odd number of diving sticks is thrown into the center of the pool with the swimmer who collects the most sticks being the winner.

Great Swimming Activities,Great Swimming Activities

  • Splash Dance – have swimmers either individually or in teams choreograph a dance routine to their favorite song. Once perfected put on a show!


  1. Scavenger Hunt – scatter the bottom of the pool with dive sticks, coins, dive rings etc. The first swimmer to collect one of each wins.

Great Swimming Activities swan pool float

  1. Chicken Fight – played in the deep end of the pool two swimmers stand opposite each other with another swimmer on their shoulders. The aim is to get the opposing swimmer to fall into the water.


  1. Bobbing Heads – a swimmer is in and holds a pool noodle. The other swimmers bob up and down in the water trying to avoid being hit by the pool noodle.  Once all swimmers have been struck it’s time to change the swimmer with the noodle.

Great Swimming Activities pizza pool float

  1. Colors – one swimmer is in and stand with their back to the other swimmers standing at the opposite side of the pool and calls out colors. If one of the other swimmers colors is called out than that swimmer must swim towards the other side of the pool trying not to be tagged. If they get tagged then they are in.


  1. Duck raceswimmers line up at one end of the pool with a rubber duck each. They race to the other end of the pool while pushing their rubber duck with their nose only. First swimmer there wins.


Great swimming activities will make pool experience enjoyable and memorable for both young and old swimmers.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode


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